Wall mounted

  • Cleanable filter
    The filter is removable and can be cleaned for easy maintenance.
  • Quiet design
    High-efficiency cross flow blade and imported silence valve are
    adopted, which greatly reduce the noise of entire unit.
  • One IDU with several wired controllers and several IDUs with
    one wired controller
    One IDU can be connected with several wired controllers in order
    to control one IDU from different location; Meanwhile, several IDUs
    can be connected with one wired controller in order to achieve
    centralized control of 16 IDUs in maximum.
  • Wide air supply range
    The air supply range is wide, so that the wind can be delivered to
    each corner of the room naturally and evenly.
  • Super cooling and heating function
    Intelligent temperature control technology is adopted with super
    cooling and heating function, so that the room temperature can
    reach set temperature rapidly.
  • I-feel function
    When I-feel function is activated, the unit can detect the
    temperature around the user and adjust the temperature, so
    that the comfort of user is improved. (Remote controller shall be
  • Removable Panel
    The panel of indoor unit can be removed easily for convenient
    maintenance. The response of the system is quicker with more reliable
    communication; auto addressing, non-polar communication and
    free wiring are available.
  • Multiple protections
    Anti-freezing protection, temperature sensor malfunction
    protection, fan motor overload protection.

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